21% of GenZ daters say sending memes builds great rapport

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People exploring the world of love and romance have come up with new and more effective ways to connect with their dates. From sending memes to sharing their favourite playlist, connecting with matches has been taken to a whole new level. Dating app, QuackQuack, recently conducted a survey studying the approaches in which GenZ and Millennial daters are communicating their feelings.

QuackQuack Founder and CEO Ravi Mittal commented, "More than 35+ million chats are exchanged per month on our app, and among them, the new matches often send each other cute videos that might express the same emotions as they have for each other, memes, and we even see them discussing movies and current trends on the social media."

The new love languages

21 per cent of GenZ daters mentioned during the survey that sending memes and funny videos builds great rapport between new matches. It is no longer "Hey, how are you?" If your person of interest continues to send you memes, it only means that they are interested, and the content they send has more meaning to it than just for laughs. It can be a direct indication that they are interested. They also mentioned that this is strictly about two people who have previously shown romantic interest in each other and not just any random person.

Get to know each other better

During the survey, 37 per cent of daters above 30 disclosed that the getting-to-know-each-other phase is much different now than it was some five years back. For instance, no one asks about your favourite colour anymore. It is more about how well you have healed from your previous heartbreaks, how you carry yourself in the face of troubles, and more profound questions that are much more useful to know than someone's favourite colour.

Pulling the heartstrings with music

If two people have similar tastes in music, it's reason enough to connect, says 19 per cent of daters from tier 1 and 2 cities. There's a lot to talk about when you have similar likings, making it easier for the conversations to flow between matches. 11 per cent of these daters disclosed that sharing passwords for OTT platforms is also a way to connect. They said that if you want to impress someone you have been speaking to for a while, offer them your password to an OTT platform you have a subscription to and see how fast you become friends.

Movie, series, and more

Speaking about OTT platforms, loving the same series as someone, or even better, hating the same series, can be a reason for connecting; at least 16 per cent of male daters between the age of 22 to 28 say so. Sharing critical notes about a series, how well-made it is, or how it did not live up to the hype are great topics for conversation. 14 percent of female daters in the same age group mentioned, "Did you watch so and so series?" is the most used ice-breaker at the moment.

Comedy over drama

Forget movies; comedy shows are the place new couples prefer more these days, said more than 24 per cent of daters between 25-30 from tier 1 cities. Laughter is good for your health; why shouldn't that apply to your relationship; asked these seasoned daters. They explained that it allows you a good laugh, and you can also gauge your match's sense of humour and even see if your vibes match all at the same time.

Source -IANS