B-Town celebs dissect fashion trends, open up on what should come back - IANS Special

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The line "fashions fade, style is eternal" by French designer Yves Saint Laurent couldn’t be more true at a time where trends decide what to wear and what not.

Moving ahead of what’s viral, there are some styles and silhouettes from the past that can make heads turn even today.

According to Disha Patani, Manushi Chhillar, Alaya F and Lakshmi Manchu, among other Indian personalities, have given their two cents on what fashion trends should and shouldn't make a come back.

What does Disha Patani feel?

She told IANS: “The fashion trend I hope stays forever are the baggy jeans, and the one’s I don’t hope that doesn’t come back are the skinny low-waisted jeans.”

Actress Manushi Chhillar has an affinity for feminine cuts; she would want to see the fashion of the 1950s.

Sharing the reason why, Manushi told IANS: “There are many fashion trends that I want for them to make a come back, but one such trend would be in the 1950s when ultra feminine styles were worn. I think that it just looked as classic, beautiful, and stylish as it would be and I would love for it to come back.”

She tagged “Hammer pants” as “awful” and said that “they do not flatter anyone".

Glitter, shimmer, and all things retro are what actress Mrunal Thakur wants.

Mrunal told IANS: “Definitely the disco era. I love the colours, the shimmer, the fun cuts and silhouettes, the dresses and those pants! Those definitely need to and will make a come back,” adding to that, she gave thumbs down to “low-rise jeans”.

Actress Lakshmi Manchu is all for simpler styles, such as the “kurta and jeans combo”.

She told IANS: “It offers so much potential for stylish creativity. Pairing it with the right accessories and bags can really elevate the look.”

On the other hand, for her, “low-waisted jeans, boot cut in particular that sit below the hips” is a complete no-no and adds that "silhouette isn't flattering and they lack visual appeal.”

Actress Alaya F is gung-ho about “platform heels and shoes”, and she says that they should stay.

Talking about a trend best left forgotten, Alaya told IANS that it is “animal prints” and added that “even if it comes back, I won’t wear it.”

B-Town celebs’ bestie and style icon Orry wants “skinny jeans”.Asked which trend he doesn’t want to see around? Pat came the reply from Orry to IANS: “Poof hairstyles on girls. No need to explain why.”

The 'Class' star Ayesha Kanga wants “bloomers” to be reimagined.

The actress told IANS: “I’d love to bring back bloomers. I think they’re so cute and could possibly emerge as something super fun to style and reimagine.”

Ayesha joins actress Disha Patani in not wanting “skinny jeans” back, as she said: “I am definitely not loving that we’re bringing back skinny jeans.”

However, Krishna Shroff, who is the sister of actor Tiger Shroff, wants the “low-rise jeans” that were popular in the 2000s.

“I know a lot of people would probably disagree with me, but I work my ass off to look and feel my best, so if you got it, flaunt it,” she told IANS.

She too isn’t a fan of “skinny jeans on men or men wearing trousers with the crotch at the knees.”

Source - IANS