Benetton launches new e-shop

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Benetton India launches its online store, bringing its shopping experience to life in a new, interactive format. A strategic initiative to offer consumers access to Benetton products in a new & virtual environment, a seamless and convenient shopping experience that is a complement to existing sales channels.

Ramprasad Sridharan, MD & CEO Benetton India Pvt. Ltd, said, "We are pleased to launch the official Benetton India e-commerce platform as a progression to strengthen our omnichannel presence. Benetton has a very strong foothold in the country along with a rich legacy of more than 30 years. Today, the brand is at a stage where it enjoys loyalty from young and millennial consumers across the country. The transition to an e-commerce platform will further boost our current business strategies, sales channels and make Benetton an integrated brand enabling a hassle-free shopping experience, online and offline.

"Through this newly launched strategic initiative, we aim to deliver to 29,000 pin codes across the country and hope to shape a more sustainable future for fashion, translating into a very contemporary online shopping experience, open to any personality, style and identity."

The look and feel of the website provide consumers with a global experience with access to men's, women and children's fashion. Through innovative tools, such as "Shop by Color", "Find your Blend" and "Blend Different" -- featured respectively on the Home Page, in the product pages and in the women's, men's and children's sections -- customers are encouraged to experiment with new garments and colour combinations, playing with the collection to find their own unique, personal match. It all translates into a very contemporary online shopping experience, open to any personality, style and identity.

In line with the evolution of purchasing models, the new e-shop is an integral part of Benetton Group's strategy to focus more on the omnichannel approach, which improves the integration between the physical stores and the online world, accompanying customers everywhere on their purchasing journey.

Source - IANS