Co-living facilities instead of hotels for wedding guest accommodation?

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Finding lodgings for your guests can seem like the proverbial "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to wedding planning. Finding inexpensive lodging at hotels or resorts can be difficult, not to mention very pricey, as couples are starting to favour smaller weddings. Because of this, couples are increasingly looking into other lodging choices for their out-of-town guests coming to their city for the big event.

Co-living spaces are the ideal solution for those looking for entire accommodations at a reasonable price for their out-of-town wedding guests. Co-living is a much more practical and comfortable alternative to hotels and resorts for guest accommodations, according to Isthara, a major co-living company.

Cost-saving and Flexible

In the present era, couples planning weddings frequently look for services that are affordable. You would like to give visitors who are visiting from other places a nice space that is conveniently situated in the centre of the city without going over your budget. The comforts and grandeur of a hotel stay are affordably offered by co-living facilities. People can move in and out of co-living places whenever they like because many of them offer flexible and brief leases. Additionally, co-living accommodations offer a full range of services including WiFi, furniture, inexpensive appliances, hot water, and meal options, all of which are included in the rental price and are within your price range.

Enjoy the opportunity to socialize

People from all backgrounds use co-living spaces as places to live. Your wedding guests will be able to interact with people from other cultures and socialise more easily if they stay on the same resort. The whole family gathers for a mini-get-together at a wedding, so having a fully furnished apartment makes everyone feel at home and gives them a comfortable, fun, and pleasant experience. A shared living area encourages social interaction and provides your visitors with a convenient setting for simple tasks. In addition to attending your wedding, your guests will have free time to participate in activities and events hosted by co-living spaces.

Safety and Security

Co-living apartments are ideal if you want to give your visitors a convenient place to stay, especially during the busy wedding festivities. Another benefit of co-living spaces is that they provide a secure environment for everyone who resides there. A lot of expensive items will be moved into and out of the venue as part of the wedding preparations. Co-living spaces, like Isthara's co-living properties, are outfitted with CCTV cameras and security guards at all the main entry points to protect the safety of their tenants. These co-living spaces provide a simple method for dispute resolution where clients can submit a request for prompt action if there is a security concern.

Benefit of a 'good' location

It is vital to choose an appropriate location for the wedding guests' accommodations. Guests staying far from your wedding venue may find it challenging to reach the location. They will find it more convenient to commute to and from your wedding venue or within the city if your property is centrally located as they would be well-connected to public transport. Hotel stays in the heart of the city are not affordable for everyone. In such situations, co-living facilities come in as the better option for guests travelling for the big day.Co-living spaces are usually in the more prominent areas instead of hotels which may be bit far from the main junctions. Additionally, a closer co-living space will also provide the flexibility of having an accomodation space that is close by in case of emergencies and other requirements. Furthermore, your guests will also be able to find their property more easily in a good location since they are easier to locate on map, saving them from any hassle.

You can host your wedding events too!

In the post-covid era, weddings have become a small affair and do not require a large venue. Co-living spaces are not only convenient to stay but also to host few wedding events. Some of the properties have halls within the area where small functions can be held. This would be a much better choice than hosting in a hotel hall since it is could be more affordable and easily accessible. As a result, your guests will not be forced to travel constantly between events and can enjoy everything on the premises at their convenience. Conducting events within the facility of where people are staying also provides a more personalized touch. With a lot of people opting for private weddings, co-living facilities can provide the luxury and finesses expected from a big Indian wedding.

Making accommodations for your guests is an essential component of wedding planning to guarantee their comfort. Your guests will require a comfortable, practical, and peaceful location to stay because traditional Indian weddings might occasionally linger for a week. Co-living facilities like Isthara offer furnished, adaptable rooms that are largely created with the community in mind, as opposed to short-term lodging in hotels. Since your guests will be travelling to a new city, co-living spaces provide all the amenities they need in addition to hosting neighbourhood activities like yoga, festival nights, movie screenings, and gaming events that will allow them to experience a fun and memorable wedding while also getting to know the city and its surroundings.

Source - IANS