Eco-friendly Decor for your home

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Here are some recycled products, carefully crafted by The Rug Republic to bring style and sustainability together. Each item in this collection is made from recycled materials, giving them a unique and eco-friendly appeal.


Perfect for any backyard, patio, deck, or poolside, this stylish rug is a practical addition to any outdoor or indoor living space. Hand-woven in PET, this easy-care rug is also well-suited for high-traffic areas. Not to miss the rug's price point, that makes it a must-have piece! More than 300 plastic bottles are recycled to make one of these!

PRICE - Rs 21,900/-


Folsom' is a combination of recycled denim and sturdy hemp. Both are combined to weave this amazing rug which has the charm of a gypsy as well as a class of an intellectual. This would be perfect when paired with blues or neutrals and even look great with industrial style decor.

PRICE - Rs 14,900/-


Vibrant, Creative, Eco-friendly - made from recycled fabric, the 'Bilbao' rug is a masterpiece which has been a big hit in global floor fashion since 2015. An eye catcher with a 'story and a soul'. This is the kind of rug which will set your room apart and give you comfort in both warm and cold weather.

PRICE - Rs 18,900/-


Do the basic and flat looking bar stools bore you, no matter how elegant they look? Let the style alarm get loud with our Turon Bar Stool. Add this vibrant multi-coloured stool to create an edgy and out-of-the-box decor setting. The recycled fabric used for the stool makes sure to make it a bigger hero for the new age sustainable homes.

PRICE - Rs 8,900/-

Source - IANS