Hottest monsoon athleisure trends

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Athleisure is the most popular fashion trend. This clothing style can be worn anywhere and at any time. It is both comfortable and adaptable to the season. It never goes out of style, and as the monsoon season approaches, it's time to check out the latest athleisure trends.

Bold is the new Neon

Prints and bright colours are popular right now. Everyone, from Bollywood's top stars to Gen Z influencers, dresses in ways that reflect their personalities. And what better way to make that statement than to dress boldly? Neon colours have been a sporadic choice for fashion trends over the years. However, as the monsoon season approaches, this choice becomes a literal splash of colour in one's life. A combination of bright colours is just what you need with your cup of chai against the backdrop of gloomy skies and grey days!

Old is Gold

There's a reason why people say the old days were the best: those fashion trends always seem to resurface. This monsoon, athleisure revives the Y2K fashion trend. Sheer crop tops, bucket hats, and oversized windcheaters are just a few of the iconic pieces we can expect to see this season on the streets.

Comfort is Stylish

Finally, replace the tights with flared sweatpants or a monochrome tracksuit. The monsoon season can be extremely hot and humid in some areas, while it can also bring a chill to others. In such cases, it's best to wear clothing that allows your body to breathe, and if you can combine comfort and fashion, why not?

Athleisure combines the best of both worlds. It's unisex clothing that's both comfortable and stylish. If we had to assign a clothing style to each generation, Gen Z would undoubtedly choose athleisure. So, jump on the athleisure bandwagon and bring your A-Game wherever you go.

Source - IANS