How Raveena Tandon ensures her kids grow up easy

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A hands-on mom, Raveena Tandon has not just portrayed impactful and memorable characters in her career spanning over two decades but has also been at the forefront of various noble causes related to child nutrition, women's welfare, and empowerment. Speaking to IANSlife about child nutrition, the celebrity mommy shares how she ensures her little ones get the right balance of fun and health.

Giving the scoop on how she ensures her little ones are healthy and happy always, she says: "I have always been a hands-on mom and I believe it's important I let my kids #GrowUpEasy and be their best and happiest selves. As a mom, I support their energetic lifestyles by giving them the right nutrition they need in their growing years. Also, as a family we've come even closer during this time, we've been spending a lot of quality time playing, laughing, connecting with each other, watching educational series, looking at old photos to bring back the nostalgia but more importantly, we have been exercising and staying active together."

We all know that kids can be fussy eaters but Raveena sure has cracked the magical mom code. Raveena stresses on the importance of experimenting with food keeping in mind the unique taste buds of kids as it is normal for kids to crave for snacks, but it's important we give them a healthy snack instead.

Raveena says: "We all know that kids have a unique palate and well, there are times when they don't want to complete their glass of milk. But, I believe, if made right, it can really be something your child loves. Dairy products are an important part of the diet because, in addition to providing calcium and protein, they provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals. To make dairy interesting for your little one, go in for a nutrient-rich, tasty dairy serve enriched with fruits to help your child grow up easy and have fun with food. This will not only delight your child but will also take away your worries of ensuring their daily dose of nutritional needs. For a kid's diet, it's important that we present our food in a certain way, so they enjoy having it."

Lastly, talking about how she likes to inculcate a healthy lifestyle in her children, Raveena also shares tips on how to make nutritious food a fun experience for kids "When serving my kids something, I let them know what they are eating and why it's important for their holistic growth and development. For younger children, you can engage them with storytelling. Make it simple by telling them how Vita, Calci, and Proto are the building blocks that will boost their immunity, give them the energy to run around and play and make their bones strong. This way kids are less overwhelmed by food and start to see it as a friend."

Raveena, along with MilkLane, recently announced the launch of Nutrinos, a new category of ready-to-eat dairy that caters to the nutritional needs of kids and helps with their growth and development. A first-of-its-kind product in India, Nutrinos has all the natural goodness of dairy, which is rich in Proteins, Calcium, and Vitamins A and D.

Source - IANS