John Legend and Raja Kumari collaborate

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In order to create the inspirational hymn "Keep Walking," the legendary rapper Raja Kumari and the second-youngest and first black man to earn the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) accolades, John Legend, have joined forces with Walkers & Co. The pair has collaborated on a catchy hymn that serves as a call to action for anyone motivated by self-belief to strive for societal advancement in a never-before-seen act. It is an energetic anthem "for the Walkers, by the Walkers," suffice it to say.The Walkers are defined by the resilience, fluidity and milestones of their journeys, paving the path for generations to come. While John Legend's music is beautiful and has inspired artists across the world, his philosophy is even more so. He is a champion for social change and making the world a more just, equitable place for everyone. Raja Kumari is a champion of brown women representation across the world - her career as a rapper has challenged the norms of the bastions of the male rappers, opening up conversations and opportunities for so many that come after her. The artists have been brought together by the platform Walkers & Co. which celebrates the power of the collective, inspired by bold steps of individuals challenging the status quo and charting an evolved course for the future.

Sharing her excitement for the track, Raja Kumari says: "Walkers & Co. platform celebrates bold steps and the Keep Walking Anthem, which comes straight from the heart, is a celebration of the same spirit. The song talks about authenticity, resilience and the fire that burns within all of us. It was fun exploring a different space, both musically and lyrically. I had a great time co-writing and jamming with John Legend who, like his name, is a true original. It's my first-ever collab with Walkers & Co. and I can't wait for fans to listen to this... and keep walking to this!"

Commenting on the reveal Shweta Jain, Chief Business Development Officer: Luxury, Reserve & Craft - India and South Asia, Diageo, said: "Our new platform Walkers & Co. is inspired by the iconic rallying cry to Keep Walking by Johnnie Walker. Globally and even in India, it has inspired creators and collaborators to push boundaries. John Legend and Raja Kumari both champion creativity, representation, inclusivity & diversity, and their trailblazing journey truly signifies what collective progress looks like. The Keep Walking anthem embodies the spirit of the creator community bold enough to take leaps and strides with the sheer belief in their purpose. If the tune motivates or helps even a single Walker to take the next little step and keep on walking, we would have served our purpose.

On New Year's Eve, Walkers & Co. and Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer took over cultural destinations in Mumbai, Goa, and Gurugram to commemorate the release of the anthem by displaying an exciting manner to stroll confidently into 2023. As the contagious anthem "Keep Walking India" played into the New Year, the stunning one-of-a-kind anamorphic digital display rang in the new year with a stirring message.