Normal Deliveries are always safe, says noted actress Kajal Agarwal

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* Mrs. Mom season 7 grand finale at Santi Sarovar

* Conducted by Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy Foundation and KIMS Cuddles

* 40 couples walked on the ramp with messages

* Cool mind key for normal delivery, says BK Swaminathan of Brahmakumaris

Hyderabad, 26th November 2023: Cesarean deliveries, also known as C-sections, have become increasingly common, however, normal deliveries are always a safe option, said actress Kajal Agarwal, who served as the chief guest at Mrs. Mom's season 7 Grand Finale. For the past seven years, the Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy Foundation and KIMS Cuddles Hospitals, Kondapur have organized the event to raise awareness about normal deliveries. The Global Peace Auditorium in Santi Sarovar of Brahmakumaris served as the venue for the grand finale, which took place on Sunday evening. The program provided expecting mothers with an opportunity to learn about the challenges and joys of motherhood. During the event, Kajal Agarwal congratulated the 40 couples who made it to the Grand Finale stage. She expressed, "Motherhood is a very happy experience, and both partners should enjoy every stage of it. The husband's role is crucial because he has to take complete care of his expecting wife and the coming baby. If your husband is with you and supports you, you can enjoy motherhood even more."

B.K. Swaminathan, a representative of Brahma Kumaris, emphasized the importance of peace for pregnant women to have normal deliveries, citing yoga and meditation as particularly useful practices. He noted that modern work pressures can be detrimental to pregnant women's health and that the lack of guidance from elders in nuclear families has resulted in many people suffering due to inadequate knowledge. Swaminathan also emphasized the significance of Garbha Sanskara and urged all expecting parents to follow this process.

Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy, Clinical Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at KIMS Cuddles Hospital in Kondapur, explained that she is conducting this program to promote normal deliveries and encourage the reintroduction of the family system. During the program, parents are educated on what to eat and feed their children, with over 70-80 aspects introduced to them. By educating a large number of couples, they can in turn spread the message in society. Dr. Reddy emphasized that there is a misconception that normal delivery is a painful process, which is not true. The hospital has had a high rate of normal deliveries in previous times, and caesareans have only increased due to various issues. Delivering a baby is a natural process, and it should be allowed to proceed normally. Dr. Reddy added that the normal delivery rate in previous seasons of Mrs. Mom was more than 85%, and that educating expecting parents is crucial to changing society's perspective on this issue.

In season seven of Mrs. Mom, a total of 290 couples participated. They were provided with various sessions like Food, Exercises, Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Zumba, Mental Wellness, Child Care, Pediatric Care, Skincare, Dental Care, Grooming, Personality Development, Relationship Building, and Couple Sessions. These sessions were conducted on the 19th, 24th, and 25th of November. Based on their participation and awareness, 40 couples were selected for the Grand Finale. The same program was also conducted in Visakhapatnam, Chennai, and Bangalore, and 3 pairs from each city who were the toppers were given wild card entry into the Grand Finale. During the Grand Finale, all 40 couples walked on the ramp, showcasing messages about pregnancy, delivery, and child care for the upcoming generation. The participants were also entertained by a stand-up comedy show by Johny.

The winner of KIMS Cuddles Mrs. Mom season seven Grand Finale was... 

Winners were awarded prizes for the first Runner up, Second Runner up, Best Hair, Best Skin, and Beautiful Brain categories.  

The guest of honor at the program was Dr. Durgarao, who is the Director of Oasis Fertility Center. The special guests and jury members included Dr. Navya, who is the Director of Shasha Clinic, Mrs. Aparna Tiwari, the Founder of Nuska Kitchen, Dr. Prashanto Roy Chaudhuri, the Technical Director of Cardlife India, Mrs. Mansi Uppala, the Founder of House of Mansi, Dr. Jayanthi Reddy, a Gynecologist at JJ Hospitals, and Tintisha Sagar, the Executive Director of Sagar Chandrama Hospital.