Rainy Days: Keep little ones entertained with 5 exciting indoor games

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The rainy season has arrived, and children adore rain more than anyone else. We instantly smile when we see them enjoying the rain and splashing around in puddles. However, playing outside can result in kids getting wet, sick, and picking up infections.

Here are a few creative and fun activities and games for the little ones to keep them occupied during rainy days:

Skoodle Quest Quinto, Brain puzzle and strategy board game: The objective of this Board game is pretty simple "Line your Five Marbles in a row before your opponent does". Not the traditional boring black and white marbles, Marbles in Quinto board game are given a colour twist with some funky colour combinations. Carry all Quinto marbles without any worry of losing them in a smart eco-friendly cloth bag provided in the box.

Funskool - Play & Learn Everyday Time Puzzle: Puzzle that is simply fun but also helps your kids learn. A fun little puzzle game with around 104 pieces to learn the time of the day! A game that not only entertains but also teaches well. Learn and play the little puzzle game.

Skoodle Dough Star: 6 colorful fun cans with squishy dough for endless fun and creativity. Make a flower, house, star, or tree with the free cutters, or explore your kid's creative horizons with DIY shapes and animals. The modeling dough set is colouful with all non-toxic and mess-free formula not only to give peace of mind to the parents, but it is also easy to clean once your child is done playing.

Mattel Games- Fast Fun Tumblin' Monkeys: Cute little monkeys tumbling and hanging around palm trees, what fun! A steady hand and a little luck go a long way in this kids' game that's easy to learn and fun to play. Create a stick web, take turns while playing just make sure the monkeys don't fall away. Simple yet amusing game, to play anywhere at any time.

Hasbro Pictureka: Laugh-Out-Loud Fun for family And friends as players try to find It fast and find it first! The game features 9 game tiles filled with whimsical pictures that players race to find as directed by their mission cards. If they find the object they keep the mission card. The player with the most cards wins the game!

Source - IANS