Ritvik Dhanjani: All that matters in a marriage is non-judgemental communication

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Celebrated television actor Ritvik Dhanjani, who is playing the lead role in the short film 'Arranged', says whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage set up, in a futuristic relationship, all that matters is a non-judgmental communication.

The short film 'Arranged' revolves around two people who meet up for their arranged marriage organised by their family.

Talking on the subject of marriage, Ritvik told IANS: "I think whenever we say 'arranged marriage', we tend to have a preconceived notion towards that, where we think somewhere we are getting married to a stranger. It is time we should change that. It is interesting how on one hand we have several matrimonial sites encouraging arranged marriage and then, we have our kind of love marriage."

He went on adding, "The point is, in every relationship, we have a certain expectation and a futuristic relationship like marriage only lasts if it makes both the people in the relationship uplift, respect and maintain a transparent communication between each other. Our film intends to start a conversation on the same note."

The film, also featuring Tridha Choudhury, is produced by Terribly Tiny Tales, directed by Ritesh Menon and releases on Amazon miniTV on March 25.

Source - IANS