Sandeep Sharma: Acting stretches imagination, which is both beautiful and useful

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Actor Sandeep Sharma, who currently essays the role of Nakul Bedi in the TV show 'Swaran Ghar', says acting has always been an art, creativity for him.

He says: "As an artist it is important for me to find creativity in my art. I'm a bit selective about what kind of roles I'm playing. I want either my audience to relate with it or find it entertaining. Acting stretches the imagination, which is both beautiful and useful."

"Acting requires you to express emotions you might not feel comfortable with in real life, and can help make accessing those emotions easier over time. At times, by taking on another character, you learn to understand people who are not like yourself, and to feel what they feel."

He continues to share that acting as a profession is full of opportunities.

Sandeep adds: "Acting is full of opportunities to persist in the face of disappointment and rejection. Actors don't usually get the parts they want, but it does not stop them from going out and trying for the next one. I personally feel a career in acting is helpful, you feel more confident. Confidence is one of the biggest keys to success in life, and acting is one of the most effective ways to boost confidence."