Setup your ultimate home gym!

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 It goes without saying that frequent and quality exercise benefits both your body and mind, but if your schedule prevents you from visiting your neighbourhood gym on a regular basis, creating a training space within your home is the next best thing. Purchase top-notch exercise gear, such as dumbbell sets, treadmills, Pilates balls, fitness kit combos, and more. Here's a list of what you should get your hands on:


Facilities can customise the gaming experience for their users thanks to the variety of console options. Create an enjoyable cardio workout with easy access to entertainment and fitness apps, or make it possible to simply get on and go. The comfort offered by FlexDeck technology, a running surface that lessens stress on the joints, benefits both walkers and runners. Facilities can easily update console software and monitor critical asset data thanks to wireless internet connectivity. Integrity treadmills are perfect for facilities looking for a warm, contemporary aesthetic with a variety of features that will appeal to their users.

Price: Rs 1,35,799/- (approx.)


Premium cardio equipment with enticing appearance and lots of entertainment options on the console to keep users entertained while riding. Wide Ride pedals and an adjustable, padded seat provide users with comfort. Exercisers can choose their position for leisurely rides or harder pedalling thanks to deluxe racing handlebars. Elevation Series upright bikes' advanced technology enables users to benefit from wearables and fitness applications while maintaining the degree of connectivity they've come to expect.

Price: Rs 1,24,000/- (approx.)


Using this adaptable exercise ball, you may work on your posture, balance, core stability, and other things. Exercise balls are a favourite among many since, depending on how you use them, they may help adapt exercises and even advance some training techniques. They're a comprehensive piece of exercise equipment for all fitness levels. It deserves a place in any home gym just for its versatility, but because they're so big, you'll need to make sure you have enough room.

Price: Rs 6,700/- (approx.)


The PowerMill is the best cardio machine at the gym for people looking for one of the hardest and most intense cardio workouts due to its smooth stepping motion and 26 different speeds. During all types of workouts, from the most intense to the least intense, safe footing is provided by the spacious step area and anti-toe-pinch design. And during each of them, steady motion is guaranteed by an effective AC motor. Fitness centres feature a variety of console alternatives, from easy to use to entertaining and interesting.

Price: Rs 57,800/- (approx.)


Jump ropes are a great addition to any home gym because they are portable. They have the power to dramatically alter your workouts. Crossrope consistently performs admirably in our tests thanks to its premium components, comfortable handles, and stylish overall design.

Price: Rs 14,100/- (approx.)


Absolute beginners to advanced fitness aficionados of all levels will find this gear to be the perfect at-home workout buddy. This package comes with a pair of locks, a skipping rope, PVC weight plates, convertible dumbbell rods, and gym gloves. It is a fantastic substitute for those who are unable to visit a gym and is portable and simple to assemble.

Price: Rs 2,299/- (approx.)

Source - IANS