Skin slugging: Ace your winter glow

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As the world grows smaller, one has the accessibility to a wide range of skincare products at their fingertips. Ever-evolving trends, layering instructions, and choosing the right creams and serums according to your skin type can be daunting.

However, if you are a skin enthusiast, chances are your skincare shelf is organised alphabetically and you keep abreast with the most inaccessible of secrets to immaculate skin. Thanks to Instagram Reels, skin slugging is one such recently discovered skin secret taking the internet by storm. IANSlife spoke to an expert of BiE-Beauty - a clean beauty brand and this is what we have discovered.

What is Slugging?

Even though some parts of India may not experience biting cold weather, winter is upon us one way or another. The season brings with it the horrors of dry and parched skin which cracks under pressure. The art of slugging demands that a thick, occlusive sealant be applied to your face, neck, and body as part of your skin regimen.

How does this help? If the environment around you is dry or non-humid, you risk losing essential skin moisture that escapes via a process named transepidermal water loss. (TEWL) Skin slugging not only deeply heals skin but also puts a stop to TEWL. Consistent and regular slugging during the winter season will guarantee moisture-rich skin the morning after. The best part? Slugging is the last step in your skincare routine - which means its incorporation does not require you to alter any skin treatments whatsoever!

The two types of slugging are determined by the time of contact the cream or thick product has with your skin:

Short-Contact Slugging

This process involves using heavy cream, petroleum jelly, or a product heavy in lipids to seal your skincare for 3-4 hours, then cleansing it off with a face wash.

Long-Contact Slugging

This process involves using an occlusive agent overnight to lock in skin moisture. Skin slugging with products rich in Vitamin E for that extra hydration and supple skin goes a long way. BiE's Superpower Eternal Youth Cream is perfect for slugging. It is formulated with hand-pressed almond oil (a natural source of Vitamin E) and squalane to penetrate deep into the skin, abetting moisture loss through TEWL.

Can Everybody Practise Skin Slugging?

Slugging is safe to practice by mostly everyone, barring a few skin types. Skin slugging is not recommended for those with an oily skin type or those who often grapple with clogged pores. Active breakouts may worsen for oily and acne-prone skin due to slugging, hence, it is best to avoid it.

It is essential to listen to your skin while introducing the skin-slugging secret into your regimen. On the days that your skin feels extra greasy, consider removing slugging from your routine for that day or the next few upcoming days.

Skin slugging will not improve skin's appearance overnight. It usually takes about four-six weeks to show visible results and patience is advised. Slugging is an efficient method to fill out worry lines and crow's feet for fuller-looking skin.

Are There Any Alternatives to Skin Slugging?

Yes! If prolonged experimentation has led to the realization that slugging is not for you, feel free to use lightweight gels and non-comedogenic oils as the final step of your skincare routine.

Make sure to perform a patch test on the skin to foresee an allergic reaction to any ingredients being used in your skincare. Consulting a dermatologist for a potent skincare routine is always advised, especially for sensitive skin types. Will you hop on the skin-slugging trend after reading this?

Source - IANS