Tanvi Malhara's summer skincare routine: 'Coconut water, aloe vera gel, sunscreen'

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Actress Tanvi Malhara revealed the skincare regimen that helps her cope with the demands of filming during the summer season, ensuring her skin and body remain hydrated on set.

Tanvi is currently seen playing the role of cop Pragati Deshmukh in the show 'Savdhaan India: Apni Khaki'.

Talking about her skincare routine, Tanvi said: "Maintaining healthy skin is a top priority for me, both on-screen and off-screen. I believe hydration is key, especially during this season. I ensure I drink ample water to keep my skin hydrated. Also, I go to my dermatologist every week for skin cleansing and my usual treatments and further I begin with a moisturiser that is essential to lock in moisture."

"Following that, sunscreen is an absolute must-have, given the intense heat, particularly when I’m filming outdoors for my show 'Savdhaan India' and protecting my skin with sunscreen is crucial in such conditions," she shared.

She further said: "During the summer months, skin requires ample hydration, both internally and externally. Therefore, I prioritise drinking coconut water as soon as I wake up, followed by my essential skincare steps: moisturising and applying sunscreen. These two elements are crucial and form the basis of my skincare routine."

"Additionally, I rely on a couple of homemade remedies like natural Aloe Vera gel to rejuvenate my skin when it feels dry or fatigued. This natural blend helps revitalise my skin, restoring its vitality," added Tanvi.

Source - IANS