What makes the Monsoons the best time for Ayurveda

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The monsoon offers a welcome respite from the summer heat and is also a wonderful time to fortify your body's defence against illness.

The monsoon season in Kerala has historically and more recently, thanks to growing interest in Ayurveda, been a time when people engage in specific immunity-boosting rituals.

Preventive treatments to strengthen and fortify the body against ailments are advised by the Vaidyas (Doctors) of CGH Earth Ayurveda treatment centres, Kalari Rasayana in Kollam and Kalari Kovilakom in Palakkad. The monsoon season is an ideal time to undergo these treatments. Regardless of the season, treating a patient's condition is necessary when they have an illness. For an efficient start to therapies, the monsoon months are ideal for addressing certain medical issues such degenerative diseases, neurological disorders, and arthritis.

Ayurvedic literature claims that seasonal changes, such as the transition from summer to monsoon, reduce the body's immunity, which leads to the buildup of metabolic poisons and the development of diseases.

Explaining the science, Doctor Firoz Varun, Chief Physician of Kalari Rasayana, said, "Our body has three bio-energies called doshas (Pitta, Kapha, and Vata), which is a combination of the five elements in nature that determine the mental, physical, and emotional constitution of each person. These doshas undergo cyclic ups and downs on a daily, and on a seasonal basis.

"During the monsoon, the Vata dosha gets aggravated and goes out of balance. This creates a domino effect, causing imbalances in the other doshas too. Added to this,unhealthy lifestyle choices further intensify the situation and weaken the body, increasing the probability of diseases, metabolic disorders, stiffness in joints, and indigestion amongst other health concerns. Ayurveda helps tackle these issues reinforcing the immune system and leaving the body stronger and healthier, free from any chronic ailments."

Treatment options include sattvic diet, yoga, meditation, cell rejuvenation therapies, cleaning and detox therapies, remedial treatments for certain disorders, and herbal medicines. Through the process of unblocking channels and releasing toxins from the body, an efficient detoxification technique called Panchakarma aims to boost the immune system and restore health and well-being. It slows down ageing, undoes the damaging effects of stress on the body and mind, and increases vitality, energy, and mental clarity.

The world-famous CGH Earth Experience Wellbeing Centers offer Ayurvedic curative programmes that promote holistic wellness for the body and mind. The healthcare routine used here is fairly strict and concentrates on healing the imbalances that develop in a person's bio energies as a result of lifestyle diseases, seasonal changes, and other factors.

The tranquil, picturesque facilities in Kerala-Kalari Rasayana is located on the backwaters, while Kalari Kovilakom is housed in a former palace-create a nurturing environment with individualised attention and treatment plans that include medicine (external and internal), nutrition based on Ayurvedic principles (Sattvic cuisine), yoga, meditation therapies, and guidance sessions for leading a healthier life. At Kalari Rasayana and Kalari Kovilakom, treatment programmes begin after 14 days. Additionally, their doctors provide online consultations.

Source - IANS