2023 India-Korea Exhibition

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The eagerly anticipated 2023 India-Korea Exhibition, RADIANCE AMPLIFIED, will take place at the Dhoomimal Art Gallery, as announced with pride by the Academy of Visual Media. The exhibition will be offered online and in a printed catalogue after a four-year hiatus brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in order to promote knowledge and information more quickly.

The Academy is thrilled to reunite the shattered thread of cross-border inspiration between Korea and India and display artwork from both nations. The Academy plans to continue this tradition of exchanging experiences by organising a variety of creative activities such as art camps, discussions, lectures, visits to modern and historical places, universities, museums, art exhibitions, and studios of working artists. This exhibition marks the resumption of The Academy's last interaction with Korea in 2019.

The exhibition features a diverse group of artists, each with their own unique style and approach to art. These include:

Delhi-born Jai Zharotia who has exhibited his work in more than 35 one-man shows and 300 group shows in India and abroad. He is renowned for his skills in printmaking and has been a noteworthy participant in National and International exhibitions on prints. John Philipose, a museologist, author, and photographer, who draws inspiration from his experiences to create abstract landscapes that express the divine in metaphors. S K Sahni, who studied in Japan as a research scholar, has received numerous awards for his painting, including a scholarship from the Japanese Government. Jagdish Chander, who seeks to express silent activity through his artistic expressions. Prem Singh, who uses intuition and experimentation to discover new forms of expression.

Rashmi Khurana, who explores and discovers an unfettered expression guided by the tenets of intuition and experimentation. Rashmi recycles and uses different materials with laborious repeated acts to provoke a deep experience and awareness for life and surroundings. Hem Raj, a Delhi based artist, who has held many solo shows in various places in India and abroad like Bill Lowe Gallery in America and Galleria Muller and Plate in Germany and participated in several group exhibitions. Hem Raj was awarded the National Award from Lalit Kala Academy which is one of the most prestigious awards in the country.

Santosh Kumar Verma, who draws inspiration from his unique experiences to create works that are soulful, colourful, and childlike in nature. Shovin Bhattacharjee is a digital artist who creates paintings, sculptures, and public art installations, and is one of India's pioneers in NFT art auctions. Minjoo Lee, a Korean artist known for her colourful and whimsical illustrations. Meena Deora is an Indian artist who creates intricate and detailed paintings inspired by Indian culture. Vinay Sharma is an Indian sculptor who creates beautiful works of art using a variety of materials. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. In addition to the creative activities, The Academy of Visual Media will restart visits to natural landscapes, which have become more important than ever due to the effects of global warming. The Academy of Visual Media believes that art has a great part to play in creating awareness of the need for environmental conservation.

"We are thrilled to be holding the 2023 India-Korea Exhibition, Radiance Amplified after a long gap," said Shobha Broota, the curator of the exhibition. "We believe that this exhibition will foster a creative journey for all artists and strengthen our relationship with Korea," she added.