5 movies to watch this holiday season

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As the temperature drops and dew kisses the windowpanes, a familiar warmth, blooms within. The winter solstice marks the advent of the holiday season, a time of crackling bonfires, twinkling lights, and the delicious aroma of Christmas treats wafting through the air. There's something inherently magical about this time of year, something intangible that permeates through the air and whispers of joy and celebration. And what better way to embrace this holiday spirit than curling up under a cosy blanket, with a mug of steaming cocoa in hand, and relax with a great movie that lifts spirits further?

Cinema possesses an unparalleled ability to transport us, offering an escape into worlds filled with romance, laughter, and heartwarming stories. Amidst winter's howling winds, finding solace indoors becomes a comforting pursuit., Be it the heart-melting tales of rom-coms or the laughter-inducing moments from family-cantered celebrations, movies have an uncanny ability to add a touch of warmth to our holiday celebrations.

As they say, ‘the more the merrier!’ Spending snug and cozy time exploring a treasure trove of entertainment, cultural and knowledge-based selection of cinema titles at the British Council Digital Library, is the way to go this holiday season. A virtual haven during holidays, it, caters to individuals seeking resources to enrich their festive days. Among its rich offerings, British Council Digital Library has curated a selection of five movies (some unusual suspects) that epitomise the essence of the season, each one promising to whisk viewers away on an unforgettable holiday journey.

Punch-Drunk Love:

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, this unconventional yet touching romantic comedy stars Adam Sandler as Barry Egan, a socially awkward man searching for love and connection during the holidays. As Barry navigates through life's eccentricities, including an unexpected romance with Lena (played by Emily Watson), this film beautifully captures the essence of finding love in unexpected places amidst the holiday season.

Christmas with the Kranks:

Starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis, this hilarious comedy takes a witty spin on holiday traditions. When the Kranks decide to skip Christmas and go on a tropical vacation, their neighbours rally together to bring back the holiday cheer. Packed with humour and heart, this film reminds us of the true essence of togetherness during the festive season.

Feliz NaviDAD:

David Morales, an Arizona high school principal and single dad, has lost the holiday spirit after also losing his wife a few years ago during the Christmas season. Now, David will do anything to avoid Christmas so he moonlights as a delivery driver during the holidays. But this year David’s 14-year-old daughter, Noel, and his live-in sister, Marissa are determined to bring the yuletide spirit back to the family and, with a little luck, also help David find love again via online dating. So, when Sophie, a witty musician and customer on David’s delivery route, swipes right on him, something magical happens between them.

A Miracle on Christmas Lake:

Sixteen-year-old Bobby Whiteside hates the holidays. As a young boy, he was abandoned by his father (two weeks before Christmas, and just recently he lost his best friend. All he can think about is escaping his hometown. He quits his favourite game of hockey, turns his back on his high school teammates and isolates himself from his mother. One night he makes an amazing discovery on the lake by his home—a magic, perfectly-groomed hockey rink that only he can see. But just as his nighttime hockey excursions begin to resurrect his Christmas spirit, he learns a local construction company helmed by his brother plans to develop the land around the lake. With the help of his high school crush and a little magic from Saint Nick, Bobby rallies the townspeople, reunites his family, and plays one last game.

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace:

Second chances start when a hardened criminal crosses paths with a precocious little girl who, with the help of an angel, is on a mission to change hearts and mend relationships during the holiday season. When little Lucy unexpectedly becomes critically ill and ends up in the hospital just before Christmas, she’s determined to spread her infectious love to everyone she meets – including, a stubborn prisoner suffering from kidney failure and the pain of a broken relationship with his family. The two of them form an unexpected friendship that transcends stereotypes and transforms his life. Lucy’s child-like faith teaches everyone around her that Christmas miracles really can happen.

Source - IANS