5 travel essentials to pack for your bachelorette vacation

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The best part of organising your bachelorette party is going in it. The final trip you have with your girlfriends before becoming enmeshed in the endless shaadi procedures. We frequently forget our basics while packing since we are so excited for the bachelorette vacation to start. Many of us may identify with this. To stay prepared for your trip, make a packing list and schedule your outfits before you start packing. If not, one ends up overpacking clothing and skipping the necessities.

Whether its Goa, Thailand or even Manali, no matter where you're going, here are a few essentials that you should always carry with you when you travel --

* Sunscreen

The last thing one wants on holidays is burnt patchy skin that spoils the insta-feed and causes discomfort. Instead of coming back home to elaborate packs and ubtans rituals, best to carry a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 50 to keep the skin protected. Choose a sunscreen that doesn't leave a whitecast and for beach trips remember to pick one that's reef save and waterproof too.

* Hair removal cream

Amid all of the planning, one also tends to miss out on a salon visit for the last-minute grooming and pamper session. Bombae has got you covered! The Bombae shea butter hair removal cream for women is enriched with shea butter, aloe vera and bisabolol which makes the hair removal process very spa-like from the comfort of your home. With a refreshing citrus aroma, this hair removal cream works in just 3-6 minutes and leaves your skin hair-free and buttery smooth. This cream is a great travel companion and a time saver. The dermatologically tested formula also eliminates dryness, darkening and skin irritation.

* Lip balm

Even if you choose to carry no makeup -- do keep a lip balm handy. No matter the climatic conditions, a lip balm doesn't just take care of chapped lips, but also brightens the face with minimal efforts. A tinted lip balm can also serve as a blush and an eyeshadow if too! Carry one with SPF and vitamin E extracts to shield your lips from harm.

* Face sheet masks

Its always fun to apply face sheet masks with your girlfriends and take selfies. Pampering your skin is the key especially while you are on the go. Face sheet mask are very refreshing and makes your skin glow. Say bye-bye to all those pesky impurities that tend to clog pores when you're hopping from one place to another. While you wake up the next morning sipping on your coffee, put on your sheet masks and call it a perfect girlfriend skincare hour. Now, you have a variety of options available in the masks like strawberry, charcoal, lemon, kiwi, and you can carry different for each day of your trip to leverage each of its benefits.

* Panty liners

Panty liners are not just for transitioning in and out of periods. They are a great product to carry when travelling where changing out undergarments frequently isn't an option and toilet rolls are not readily available. Wear one and carry a couple in your purse on your day outs to quickly swap them out and keep feeling fresh throughout the day.