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Tanishq, India's premier jewellery brand, embarks on a magical journey that delves deep into the heart of the glorious past. Introducing the 'Dharohar' collection, Tanishq pays a heartfelt tribute to the timeless charm of heirloom artifacts from an era long gone by, beautifully weaving a connection between the old and new legacies, bridging generations with a sense of heritage and nostalgia.

‘Dharohar' is more than just a collection, it is a celebration of the heart-warming narratives that have shaped the magnificent past. It is a testament to the traditions handed down through generations, from treasured family recipes to cherished memories that define who we are. With 'Dharohar,' Tanishq introduces a new chapter in the stories of old.

Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited and Sampurna Rakshit, Mareketing Head, Mia by Tanishq speaks with IANSlife.

Q. 3.5 million weddings this season has brought the spotlight back on the big fat Indian wedding. What are the jewellery trends that have made an impact?

Revathi Kant: Weddings are a time in India where brides really want to have their moment. So the for the main occasion, brides today, the young genZ, the millennial brides really want to dress up and go for maximalism. Big heavy jewellery, diamonds, polki and kundan are all in trend, what has changed probably, I would say is the colour combinations, so jewels like emeralds and rubies are in demand, jewellery that matches pastel hues are also in fashion. They're also picking up a lot of interesting pieces which they can wear wear more often. And there are all of these smaller occasions for which a pair statement earring or cocktail rings are the focus. So big statement pieces are very much in.

So on one side there is this whole set of jewellery which is traditional heritage, which you celebrate Indianness and also lightweight jewellery which you can wear often and its more adornment, it's for fun. The second reason is where gold rate is headed, it makes a lot of sense to have lightweight jewellery with a fair enough, good enough spread which creates that visual drama. So that's really the trend.

Q. With Mia, do yo feel the brand focuses on women empowerment and is centred around women putting themselves first, choosing what works for them most?

Revathi Kant: Mia as a brand, is about the person who's so self assured, she's so confident, she's achieving her goals, she's doing things her way. The new campaign we have launched for the star in you, which really you know talks about empowering and up-lifting. Your best version, so the Mia woman is is very clear, she certainly chooses what she wants, she picks out jewellery appeals to her and celebrates herself.

Q. In India gold and jewellery is huge unorganised market which does sales in huge volumes. In terms of marketing, how do you expect to capture, and consolidate this market under various brands?

Sampurna Rakshit: So actually for us, one of the biggest assets that we have is the trust of Tata and the trust of Tanishq, even for Mia as well. I think that sets us apart from the unorganised market completely. Besides that, our designs and craftsmanship is unparalleled. There is no comparison to the finish that we provide the craftsmanship that we provide for both the brands and their own unique ways. So we have never really look back or look around what is happening. We always try to give our entire focus is on the consumer, on what she deserves and our entire approach is to give them the best that we can and stand for what she believes in.

So that is where we are coming from for Mia this year, the year has been really good, despite increasing gold prices, it is helped the case of 14 carat lightweight jewellery brands, and so we have approached the festive season in a very different way when it comes to marketing. I think our latest campaign is all about, as she said, for the star Indian. We have Rakul Preet Singh on board with us. I think Rakul will also give us a lot of mileage and a lot of consideration and it will help us stand out in the sea of communications.

Q. During the wedding season, it always helps to have couple of Bollywood names tie the knot. What do you think in terms of Bollywood's impact for this coming season?

Revathi Kant: Bollywood has always had a large impact on this category. I think apparel and jewelry are two categories in India which are strongly influenced by this. So you know, when we did, for example, a Padmaavat, we know the kind of influence it had and how it set trends. Bollywood weddings are really transitive, so today there are large events and celebrity driven events which definitely have a huge impact and and lot of people wish to follow that. So in fact, coming to jewellery, at the end of the day, it's very important that the jewellery you choose really compliments your style and look

Hence, for jewellery creators like us, it's very important for us to be in the know of what's trending. Is it close neck blouses or is it the deep neck? So we check the trends in clothes, colours, silhouettes and youse a very robust in-house trend research process to choose our designs.

We are translating it for our category and for our geographies, for example, it's a very important for Tanishq to drive trends, even in regional jewellery. You know, if you're a Tamilian or if you're a Maharashtrian, or if you're a Bengali, what will you choose to wear?These are events which you know take it back to your roots. So there are certain pieces of jewellery we create keeping this in mind.

It's like a must have for that particular community, so hence regional pieces of jewellery plays a very important role and Tanishq through the Rivaah range makes sure that we cater to all communities, so that depending on the region the store you visit should house your preference and assortment. The pieces from store to store would be very different. So we ensure that we cater to that particular consumer segment with the right kind of product for their wedding.

Q. What do you have to say about the brand offers?

Revathi Kant: I would like to answer your question in two parts. One is, you know, for this particular festive season that just passed by, we had Dharohar which means legacy, which is, you know, we treated pieces as modern heirlooms.

So something which you use for yourself and pass it on for generation because of the design, the styling its about heritage, it's about your legacy, it's about the festivities and coming together. So that's one piece of it wherein we invited consumers to come and buy and enjoy this Indian heritage at its best.

The second is many a times all of us, you know, we do receive all kinds of jewellery, let's say from our family, relatives and friends, some which we like some we don't like. Of course, you cherish a lot of those and many of them are sitting in the lockers. What we offered was the opportunity for you to bring this pieces back and exchange it for a brand new, jewellery which is created by Tanishq.

So that whole thing is, you know, it's been a practice and it's see gold can become liquid anytime, it can come to help you in terms of prices or you can just you know exchange it and refresh the designs. So this whole you know, the exchange policy, it makes a lot of sense when gold prices are really soaring and if people come back with those exchange it and buy buy a new piece of jewellrey they can cherish

So the gold exchange campaign even if you bought jewellery from other jewellers, you could have come and exchanged it at our at our place at Tanishq with 0 per cent deduction and get the latest designs at 100 per cent exchange value.

Source : IANS