Dipika Kakar, Shoaib reveal newborn son's name with cupcakes, bright lights

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Television star couple Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim have finally revealed the name of their first bundle of joy to the world and even shared what it means.

Shoaib took to his official Youtube channel, where he shared a video titled: “Sharing Our Baby Boy’s Name With You All.”

The couple revealed that they have named their son Ruhaan Shoaib Ibrahim, meaning kind-hearted and spiritual. Without sharing a glimpse of their baby, the video featured their friends and family members.

The name was announced via bright lights given to each of the family members, who took turns and held the lit letters in front of them to reveal the name.

Making the announcement, they all loudly said Ruhaan.

Shoaib shared that Dipika  liked this name Ruhaan and it was chosen by her.

Shoaib said that they chose the name within just months after Dipika conceived and that they had even thought of a name if they were to have a daughter, which they did not share on the vlog.

Their baby was premature and was under car after his birth on June 21.

Source- IANS