Imelda Staunton reveals she still wears Queen’s clothes from ‘The Crown’

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Actress Imelda Staunton, who played the monarch in the series ‘The Crown’ for the final two seasons of the royal drama, shared that she still wears Queen Elizabeth’s clothes from the show in her everyday life.

Talking about how she keeps wearing Elizabeth’s clothes from the show, she was quoted by The Sun as saying,: “It was quite a serious job and quite a serious responsibility carrying all that stuff.

“I finished doing that last May and June and shaking that off -- so now I can be up and funny -- it’s just taken me that time. I was doing it day in, day out. I knew in 2019 I was doing it, and I started in 2021, so it was a long time. Four years of her in my head.

“The work that went in, you can see it on the screen, every detail from the set to the costumes. I’m wearing one of her shirts now,” she added.

Staunton said at a charity event in Brighton while wearing one of the blouses she used to play Elizabeth, reports

With her portrayal as the monarch, who died aged 96 in September 2022, Staunton earned her Best Actress nominations from the British Academy Television and Golden Globe awards.

Despite being appreciated, several royal commentators had hit out at her portrayal.

Source - IANS