The Advantages of a Derma Roller

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The power of a Derma Roller is akin to hundreds of tiny needles penetrating the surface of our skin; this could change the way your skin looks forever. The fact is, derma rollers are the answer to a huge range of skincare concerns you may have been grappling with for a while.

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller, also known as a skin needling device, is nothing but a cylindrical body with a long handle. This cylindrical body is covered with hundreds of little needles that individually prick the surface of the skin, creating what is known as 'micro-injuries. It is as simple as picking up the handle and rolling the body of the device over the skin.

Does it hurt?

We understand the curiosity of people about what using a derma roller feels like. And let us clear it out that despite the fact that many needles are involved, it is a lot less painful than you'd think. That is because the needles are so thin and short that you will barely feel it at all. At worst, it can feel like mild sunburn or a little discomfort.

What does it do to your skin?

After the micro-injuries are created, the skin has to work extra hard to repair the broken cells. This accelerates the production of collagen and elastin.

The physical ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles are blurred.

It also works wonders for loose or thinning skin.

It is a good way to acquire skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and skin glow.

It is considered to be the best mechanical way for skin repair and rejuvenation without the use of chemicals or lasers.

It serves as an easy DIY option for people who cannot go for in-clinic treatments.

It is quick, portable, easy to use and a cheap investment for good skincare.

It is a minimally invasive procedure so as long as you use the right technique in conjunction with the right serum, you're unlikely to experience side effects.

You can even use your derma roller on your under-eye area to plump and smooth away bags, and on the lips to encourage an enviable pout.

Superficial needling can be done once in 15 days and deep needling is a must for acne scars and texture correction once a month. For better tone and texture of the skin, continuous use is recommended for at least months.

Things you need to know before using Derma Rollers

Mild tenderness or redness may occur after using a derma roller which may subside within a day or two.

Using sun protection is a must after derma rolling.

Your skin might experience a bit of dryness and stretch for a few days.

Good moisturizer must be used after derma rolling.

Acquiring thorough knowledge of how to use a derma roller is a must before you try your hands on it.

It can be done at home, yet, the best and safest way is to consult a Cosmetologist or a skin expert for the best results.

Even if you have acne, you can use a derma roller. You just need to ensure you are not rolling over active pimples, and are sterilising the needles after every use.

Source - IANS