Tisca Chopra opens up on her directorial debut

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If you have stories to tell, then you have to make them yourself, feels actress-producer Tisca Chopra, who has tried her hand at film direction for the first time.

Tisca has made her debut as director with the short film "Rubaru", which she has co-written with her husband, Captain Sanjay Chopra. The screenplay has been penned by Namrata Shenoy.

Talking about her debut directorial, Tisca told IANS: "The film talks about a Bollywood actress who was very big once, but her career is now sort of slipping because there are younger and newer people on the block. The story shows how she is losing her confidence and what she does to bring herself back."

What prompted Tisca to try direction? The actress replied: "As an actor, you are always part of telling other people's stories. Somebody else has written it, somebody else has directed it, somebody else has produced it and you do your best to help fulfil their idea of the story with your imagination of the character. I think, if you have stories to tell, then you have to make them yourself."

Tisca is also hoping to direct a full length feature film next. As a filmmaker, she is not choosy about genres as she believes, it is the story which is the most important.

"I think I would like to take a decision (regarding genres) on the basis of the story because, filmmaking is not only a technical process, it is also an emotional process where you would want to be involved in the story and want to tell that story."

Quizzed if she would want an OTT or theatrical release for her films as a filmmaker, Tisca smiled: "I just want lots of people to watch my film, I don't care where it releases on."

Directed by and starring Tisca Chopra in the lead, "Rubaru" released on November 28. The short film also stars actors Arjun Mathur and Chitrashi Rawat.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has taught a life lesson to Tisca. She feels with people running too fast in their lives in the present era, the pandemic is in a way a very good pause button for everyone.

"I think we were running too fast, at least I was. I was doing too many things. This (the pandemic) gave us time to think what is necessary and cut out the dead stuff out of your life. For example, getting ready and going to events is something that I'm going to reduce once things come back to normal. It is such a waste of time to do your hair and makeup and then travel for an hour for an event of 15-30 minutes then travel back for another hour. Half of your day is gone! I'd rather be reading a book, spend time with my daughter, write something or shoot a film!" Tisca said.

"This (the pandemic) is in a way a very good pause button for everyone's life, for my life at least. It gave me a chance to do a lot of things like I did online courses, I started working out very seriously, I spent time with my husband like a proper family and with my child, to understand how she is growing up, and travelled a lot," she concluded.

Source - IANS